How to Use the Label Machine When Packing for a Move

Time: 2010-11-11

Identifying the contents of your moving boxes and the room they should be set in takes the guesswork out of moving for you and those who help you on moving day. When you use labels made on a label machine, you help ensure that everyone can read the information---not only is the text clearer than handwriting, but the label can be placed over existing text and graphics on the box itself. This makes the moving process go more quickly since those helping you move know where to put the boxes without you having to tell them; and it may help you unpack each room in an organized fashion.

Load label tape into your label machine, and make sure the batteries are charged if you're not going to plug it in with an AC adapter.
Type into the label machine a brief description of the box's contents (dishes, CDs, clothes from dresser) and, perhaps in all capital letters, the room you want the box to be put in when it gets to your new place.

Mark each box with a number or letter (Box 1, Box 2, Box A, Box B) and keep an inventory in a notebook of what is in each box (Box 1: Dishes, Box A: Clothes from dresser). You don't need to include a description of the contents on the label if you choose to make a separate inventory.

Print the label. Remove the backing and apply the label to the outside of the box (in the upper left-hand or right-hand corner, for example) so that when all of your moving boxes are sitting on the floor or stacked on other moving boxes, you and those helping you move can easily see all the labels.

If the contents of the box are fragile, make a separate label that says "FRAGILE," and stick it near the first label.
Seal the box with packaging tape.

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