Labeling Machine Repair Tips

Time: 2010-11-01

                                                                                                 Labeling machine

       Self-adhesive labeling machines, sleeve labeling machine, labeling machine, beer labeling machine, semi-automatic labeling machine, labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, labeling machine , self-adhesive labeling machines, hot melt adhesive labeling machine. These products can be finished flat paste, packaging single or multiple surface paste, paste cylinder, partial coverage or full coverage cylinder paste, paste and so on depression and corner parts Labeling machine live longer want more, then we to take good care of labeling machine, labeling machine should pay attention to the maintenance issues.

Labeling machine maintenance tips:

1. Pressure adjustment brush device:

Brush the center of the mark on the label and is on both sides. Standard brush perpendicular to the container surface. Pressure vessel overlap brush clearance sweep: a single brush is pressure 10mm ~ 15mm, combination brush pressure is 5mm ~ 10mm. Cleaning sponge brush away from the location of the 1mm ~ 2mm. Pressing heads of the adjustment. Pressing heads in the absence of a bottle when the bottle should be lower than 20mm.

2. Label box control:

The center line of standard boxes, marked with the label station central axis tangent to the central axis of three-point target for a line, adjust the scale plate and label tangent (0 distance), then the standard boxes can be moved closer to 1mm ~ 2mm. Label boxes with both sides of the pressure in the standard section should be 0.8mm ~ 1mm gap between the gap caused by too much paper in the marked box marked shift, there oblique mark, the gap is too small to push the standards will cause poor. Standard boxes caught hook position adjustment scale: up and down, left and right hook grip standard in the same vertical plane, and even difficult in the standard paper, can be successfully arrested standard. The regulation of the supply roller label: when there is no label, the label plate can be pressed to the forefront of the box and label with the label, the label tag around the hook means can not be crushed.

3. Star wheel into the bottle, the bottle of star wheel, the adjustment screw rod into the bottle:

In Jin, a star wheel and the bottle into the bottle when the screw rod to adjust to the pressure bottle label machine heads prevail. First, adjust the star wheel into the bottle, when the pressing heads when the bottle is just overwhelming, adjust the star wheel into the bottle so the bottle in the middle of the star wheel groove. The adjustment screw rod into the bottle: the bottle into the star wheel prevail into the bottle when the bottle in the middle of the groove when the star wheel, adjust the screw rod, so try to be helical rod side of the bottle into the bottle, but does not produce displacement. A bottle of star wheel adjustment: When pressing heads just lift, adjust the star wheel so that the bottle in the middle of the star wheel in the groove.

4. Subscript station adjustments:

Scrape board and roller adjustment: scrape board and the rubber roller can not appear in the entire length of the gap, the gap can be adjusted if the eccentric bolts to adjust the scrape board. Cots and target for regulation: standard plate and rubber rollers only contact with each other without any pressure. The gap is too large, too much plastic standard board, resulting in rejection of plastic. Gap is too small, contact tight, the glue will squeeze out, there is no target for half of the glue. Proven, standard plate and rubber roller 0.1mm ~ 0.2mm gap between the best. Cots can be adjusted to achieve the lower bearing, if necessary, on the upper roller bearing adjustment.

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