Rapid filling machine similar to 83rd Autumn National Sugar & Wine Fair

Time: 2010-10-18


   October, 83rd Autumn National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair will be held in Jinan. Meet faster had the pleasure of Jinan in Jinan, rum, rum will come again after a lapse of five years after the city of Jinan Springs. The exhibit rum and outdoor advertising how to prepare the work, this rum is also enabled Shungeng Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Centre and International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

    Set the international wine exhibition hall, international food, liquor, wine, spices, baking, dairy, beverage, packaging, machinery and other top ten area, I fast packaging machinery company, Jinan Autumn National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair well developed A new automatic filling production line, filling sealing machine labeling machine capping inkjet printer packaging machine packer storm rolling mill for the full set of new products to create a new type of sugar, wine filling equipment, this gave me rum filling equipment companies to significantly demonstrate the opportunities and the new stage, so I can better serve the wine food manufacturers to provide advanced packaging machinery, packaging equipment; fast in the Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center GC407, 408 launching our new booth filling machine , packaging machinery, involving sugar, wine, soft drinks, dairy products, spices, food packaging machinery, more than 20 categories and related fields, can fully reflect the business characteristics, product characteristics, but also covers the design of the national wine food industry from , production, packaging, distribution and sales all aspects of the industry chain. Further enhance the degree of internationalization, Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center will be the wine, spirits and food international museum professionals, the establishment of an independent international wine museum professionals is the history of rum first. Exhibition with different types of styles and sizes of the lecture hall, function rooms, VIP rooms, conference rooms, banquet halls, press center for merchants doing business meetings and promotional activities provide an ideal place.

    Show the scale of this rum again set a record fair in Jinan. As of October 6 afternoon, at least from the provinces (municipalities), autonomous regions, Hong Kong, Macao and Germany, France, the United States, Australia and more than 20 countries and regions, enterprises registered for the exhibition, the exhibition area of 13 square meters, standard booth to 5,600. Currently, the exhibitors exhibit the work has been completed.

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