Prospect and Market Forecast Inkjet Printer

Time: 2010-09-18
Summary: Prospect and Market Forecast Inkjet Printer

Looking back over the inkjet printer industry structure, from France, Imaje (IMAJE) companies entering the Chinese market since 1989, the United States Meredith McNair (VIDEOJET), the British Domino (DOMINO), UK Wiley (WILLET), United Kingdom lead the new company (LINX), WIEDENBACH, EBS, HITACHI and other companies have followed suit, in China, the rising volume of business, either by creating a number of offices set up some factories in China, assembly equipment, we can say, open to These companies ushered in rapid development.

 These companies in China established a strong inkjet printer production, sales, service, products become essential food production line equipment. They will operate screen inkjet printer for continuous improvement, with a Chinese show, and some software will be carried out in the culture. Domino Printing Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 in Cambridge, UK, listed in London in 1985, currently has more than 1,200 employees and more than 120 countries and regions have established branches.

Inkjet printer mainly in beverages, beer, mineral waters, etc., but also began to wire and cable, food, cigarettes, batteries and other industrial development. Coding is clear that apart from its production date, can also be used to track potential problems and prevent counterfeiting, etc., can be said that the food industry is the largest market for inkjet printer.

Current inkjet printer ink inkjet printer and laser can be divided into two major categories of inkjet printer. Ink inkjet printer product development early, the price is relatively cheap laser machine, still market-driven. Inkjet printer ink jet ink according to principles of continuity and instructions into jet; divided by font size small font, large font; points by super-fast print speed, high-speed, standard speed, slow; by an external power source sub-gas source ( compressed air from the outside) and internal gas supply (from the built-in gear pumps).

It was learned that laser inkjet printer to become a new bright spot market. As the laser inkjet printing is a can not erase the permanent marker, permanent identification that can help identify specific products, counterfeit goods and the real thing looks very similar, but the absence of Laser Coding, can easily be identified Therefore, the laser inkjet printer with an effective anti-counterfeiting capabilities.

To seek new breakthroughs in the development ofInkjet printer business into a scale rarely made, and only quick Jinan, Shiko up so few, the face of a mature U.S., British, French and other foreign companies competing products, in addition to cheap, we could not find Other advantages of the. In today's competitive global environment, the domestic has been less important, are not these big foreign companies set up factories in China are you? How to develop, how innovation is the main problem facing the new century.

From product quality, the required equipment, low maintenance, print speed, contents, automatic cleaning easy, and operational requirements as simple as possible, these problems become Quanqiu inkjet printer business to address the problem.

For China's huge market, large companies grasp the cultural interface issues, how to make software programs, touch screen and other operations more clear and easier to grasp, who will take the lead in a convenient solution to this thorny problem, the development of localized more quickly.

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