How to Use a Shrink Wrapping Machine or shrinking machine?

Time: 2010-09-01

Shrinking machine is the process of applying heat to a plastic film that will shrink once the heat is applied. The shrinking of the plastic film makes a tight seal around the item, keeping it free from dirt, dust and water damage. There are two main types of shrinking machine: The L-sealer and the I-bar machines. Both work in a similar fashion, though the L-bar can seal items more quickly.

Wrapping your thermoplastic film around the item that you want to shrink wrap. Your specific shrinking machine and shrink wrapping machine may come with a supply of film, or it may recommend specific types or brands of film. The film of shrinking machine will be center folded on its roll. Slide the item in between those folds in order to position it correctly.
Wrap the film loosely around the item to ensure that the film has some room to shrink. Wrapping the film too tightly around the item could cause damage to the item once the film shrinks.
Feed the item into the sealer to allow the heat to cut away the film and to shrink it to fit. If you are using an I-bar sealer, you will have to turn the item around one time to allow the machine to seal the opposite corner of the film as it shrink wraps.
Use an L-sealer machine by simply placing the item so that the two heating areas are at opposite corners of the item. You do not have to turn the item to seal each corner because an L-sealer does two seals at the same time. These are faster shrinking machines that are often used for wrapping the higher-volume things.

Tips & Warnings:
Keep your fingers away from the heat mechanism. It is possible to burn your fingers by touching them to the heating area of the shrinking machine and shrink wrapping machine.

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