Candy packing machine, China Development

Time: 2010-08-30

??? The U.S. has in the forefront of packaging machinery, in the past and present of the year, they still think of all the other companies in the global market, Shang's Lingxian .

??? This feat can be attributed to a number of countries including the U.S. dollar weakness on several factors. In the local currency reduces the price of packaging machinery and even cheaper in foreign markets. As a firm grasp of competitive manufacturing source has been established in the export growth in the market there. U.S. provides packaging solutions to obtain 20 percent of the world.

??? This phenomenon can be traced back to the United States in its packaging production and packaging solutions created using the latest technology machinery manufacturers have a good track record. It also appears in increasing productivity, lowering costs while commendable performance. These characteristics, high efficiency and cost-effectiveness, has made a North American packaging machinery in need of their services to companies large proportion of choice.

     China Packaging Machinery Development

     Many packaging products to meet market competition, upgrading become shorter and shorter. Such as cosmetics, three-year change, or even a quarter of a change in production are both great, and requested packaging machinery has good flexibility and the flexibility to make packaging machinery of life is far greater than the product life cycle, in order to meet the economic of the requirements.

     To enable packaging machinery has good flexibility and flexibility, improve automation, to a large number of microcomputer technology, the module technology and unit combinations. To meet the packaging type of product and packaging changes in the flexible packaging machinery equipment and flexibility often in the following three aspects:

     Amount of flexibility. Both packing a single product, but also adapt to different bulk packaging.

     Structural flexibility. The whole device using modules, for use of one or several units can adapt to product changes.

     Supply flexibility. Modular combination, will supply the units together. Such as candy packaging machine, in a common basis, the combination of different elements, the three feeding ports, four different folding packaging, such a machine can be also packed 8 to 10 different kinds of candy. Multi-robot operation, in a surveillance camera, the command of their actions, according to instructions in different ways for different types of candy packaging. If the product has changed, as long as the program can change the camera so that equipment has good flexibility and flexibility.

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