Analysis of packaging machinery market development in Russia

Time: 2010-08-24

        Russian economy heavy industry heavy and light industry the situation is too light during the formation of the former Soviet Union, Soviet Union, Russia has been in political turmoil and economic crisis. Beginning in 1998, the Russian economic recovery, adjusting machinery, the development of production increasingly become the mainstream of economic life. Plastic processing machinery, printing machinery, food processing machinery, packaging machinery, and other light industrial machinery and equipment market becomes hot Russian domestic production of these devices is very weak supply capacity, therefore, mainly dependent on imports, a huge market.

         In recent years, Russia's packaging machinery industry very quickly. The end of 2001, the Russian manufacturer of packaging machines has increased to more than 250, including 70 in Moscow home, the Moscow suburbs there are 30, Petersburg has 35, more than 120 other cities. View from the range of products, packaging materials, machinery manufacturing enterprises, 14 - have six plastic film, paper machine 1, corrugated board machine 7; packaging materials processing machinery business about 50 - PET bottle, PET can forming machine 23 home plastic molding machine 12 Beiwan, cardboard, corrugated cardboard processing machine 14, paperboard, corrugated cardboard printing machine 8, the metal packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises a glass container manufacturing machine 3; Solid Filling Machine Company 40 - filling machine 9, Vertical bag filling machine 26, cross-type bag filling packaging machine 4, liquid, viscous Packing Machine 105 - filling machine 80, the container forming, filling machine 25; sealing machine business 22 Home - screw capping machine 9, the bag sealing machine 5; vacuum packaging machine 16; Shrink Packaging Machine 40 - film shrink packaging machine 14; cap sealing machine 5, 21 multi-purpose machine, Bottle Labeling Machine 15. Russia's production and output value of packaging machinery currently no statistics on the 35, according to the Russian packaging machinery industry statistics, 1995 to 2000, these enterprises produced a total of more than 15,000 types of charter flights, including plastic film manufacturing machine 400, PET bottle manufacturing machine 150 sets, cardboard, corrugated board manufacturing machine 656 sets, solid material 1000 filling packaging machine, liquid, viscous body material packaging machine 3366 sets, drinks and other liquid filling packaging machine 3650 sets, vacuum packing machine 897 sets, Shrink Packaging Machine 4949 sets, sealing machine 48, using the old paper and old cardboard packaging machinery production of 12 units, large bags of sewing machine 250, a total of 15,377 units.

       Russian packaging machinery in 2000 amounted to 382.26 million U.S. dollars of imports and exports amounted to 30.5 million U.S. dollars. This shows that Russia still imports more than exports packaging machinery.

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