How to use the labeling machine

Time: 2010-08-12

      Labeling machine are battery-powered, handheld devices that print out customized labels on a piece of tape. They are very useful for making your own labels for a variety of things, such as boxes, CDs, folders and documents. Label machines can come in handy when you’re moving and packing up boxes--it’s important to properly label your boxes so you know where things need to go once you get to your new home. Label machines are relatively inexpensive and readily stocked at office supply retailers.Let us look the concrete steps of? labeling machine.

      First affix the label to the box. Creating multiple labels for each box will make it is easy to identify from any angle. Affix the label either before or as soon as you seal the box to avoid confusion later.

     Then print a label from the label machine for each box as you pack it. To make things easier on yourself and your movers, pack boxes according to the room they need to go in. For instance, pack a box full of kitchen items only, enter “KITCHEN” on your label machine and press “PRINT ” to print it.

     Last create labels that say “FRAGILE” for boxes packed with breakable items and make sure they are prominently displayed.

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