The Latest Range of Filling Machine's Applications

Time: 2010-07-27


      Our wide range of equipment, filling machine, is also a wide range of applications, there are food and beverage, daily necessities, medicine, industry ...... the current equipment to automated filling machine, filling machine equipment automation is changing under the filling process action mode and filling containers, and materials processing methods. Achieve automatic control of the filling system can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, significant elimination of labeling and filling process and result of printing error, effectively reducing the labor intensity of workers and reduce energy and resource consumption. 

     Food industry:
     Food and beverage packaging machinery filling equipment industry is one of the largest market segment in the beverage filling machine equipment production line is mainly the growth of the whole, a higher degree of automation, the current per capita consumption of beverages in China, especially mineral water, and the international advanced countries there is a great gap, as technology development, social development, China has entered the well-off society, people's standard of living, greater market space.

    The pharmaceutical industry:
    Filling the pharmaceutical industry, the general characteristics of mechanical equipment such filling is small, price is high, the output value accounts for about 12-15% of drugs. Therefore, the automation level of this type of packaging equipment requirements are also high on the corresponding automation equipment business has a strong purchasing power. The current national drug reform is only the packaging requirements are strict, especially in medicine, in bulk as much as possible to avoid secondary pollution. Traditional paper-based sub-bag has basically been eliminated. This market will remain stable than GDP growth. 

    Daily Chemical Industry:
    The aspect of filling on the application of mechanical equipment is relatively extensive, daily chemical and pharmaceutical packaging similar to the filling, small volume, high price. Many mechanical devices and medical packaging machinery and equipment can be shared, such as: Guangzhou Macao Special Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. ointment filling machine, filling both days of supplies, such as face cream, shampoo and ointment, such packaging devices can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry, medical products such as erythromycin ointment. 

    With the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry's development, China's demand for filling machinery and equipment will occur rapidly. To within the prescribed time for their own best interests to create, we must ensure that their packaging machinery, filling machinery production line running well, in the production process does not occur error, so in order to avoid errors occur and the impact of failure , will obtain the greatest benefit for the enterprise.

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