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Time: 2010-06-21

Filling machine, the field of branded products, materials and technology is very complex, the lack of professional knowledge for the consumer choice. Select filling machine according to the problem has been some misunderstanding and the listing of the selected game.

Firstly, determine the products you want to buy filling confidential. Some plants, in many product varieties, filling machine, you want to buy the filling equipment, packaging all their variety. Special effects often than the main filling. This is for reference only, you can match the manufacturer. Similarly, the filling range of different prices are not the same, if the big void fill range of products as a separate filler.

Second, cost is the first principle. Is domestic production of quality filling machines has been greatly improved than before, with imports of machinery and flooding. Recommended here Shenyang Dongtai mechanical chili sauce filling machine. According to the customer reflect the chili sauce, chili sauce Shenyang Dongtai machinery filling machine has a strong domestic advantage.

Third, as a famous historical and cultural choices, filling machine quality assurance. Select mature technology, stable quality, packaging machine more stable, low-power, low-loss low, manual. Filling machine is that if the purchase of consumer quality, the accumulation of the machine in the daily production of packaging films, decided not insignificant.

Fourth, if the site visits, to focus on large, pay more attention to details, details often determine the quality. With the sample debugging.

After-sales service, "round" should have a good reputation. Timely service, especially in food processing enterprises is particularly important. Summer beverage manufacturers, production equipment, production WangQi, if the problem can not be lost there.

Filling machine trusted peers.

And the maintenance and operation as simple as possible, accessories, automatic continuous unit, which can improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, filling, suitable for long-term development.

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