Green type packing machinery

Time: 2010-06-14

Environmentally friendly packing materials generally, including reusable and renewable packing materials, edible packaging material, biodegradable polymers and natural materials such as paper. Environmentally friendly packing materials embodied in the province, waste less and save energy, easy recycling, packaging waste and no secondary pollution. Therefore, the choice of environmentally friendly packing materials should be consistent with harmless, non-polluting, renewable use of basic principles. Natural environmental packaging materials, while non-polluting, but the high cost of doing business on Earth is also a serious waste of resources. The complex environmental materials for low cost, clean, easy recycling, etc., will become the mainstream of environmental packaging.

Currently, most environmentally friendly packing with automatic intelligent, digital packing equipment. High-speed membrane, bag-making equipment, 1000l over large hollow container forming equipment, energy saving and comprehensive utilization of equipment and other high-tech packing equipment is widely used. In addition, waste recycling equipment and secondary raw materials processing equipment in line with the requirements of environmental regeneration. iso14000 environmental standards of operation, and the protection of the environment, safeguard the ecological balance has become a global trend of environmental protection packing equipment (mechanical) driving force for development.

Dongtai Packing Machinery adhere to "green, green" as a precondition, all steel products are used the world advanced quality steel to ensure that materials, environmental protection industry achieved the first!

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