On the packaging machinery automation, intelligent trend

Time: 2010-06-04


      At present, China is the world's largest commodity production and export country, a huge market, it has become the fastest growing, largest and most potential packaging market.
Has become second only to the United States, after Japan's third largest packaging country. Relying on a strong manufacturing power of China and will gradually become the world's packaging industry and market development centers.
Expected end of 2010, total output value of China packaging industry will exceed 1.2 trillion yuan.
Joint Chinese and international packaging machinery is the level of development, a high degree of automation and intelligence into the development trend of packaging machinery;

1, focus on simplicity 

     New packaging machines generally have multi-functional, easy adjustment of operating conditions, computer-based intelligent control instruments will be new trends in food packaging, manufacturing enterprises will tend to purchase operation simple and easy to install the packaging machinery, especially the large number of current manufacturing lay-offs, increasing demand for simple operating system.
     Motion control structure related to the performance of the pros and cons of packaging machinery, through the motor, encoder and digital control (NC), dynamic load control (PLC) to perform high-precision controller.
    Therefore, in order to obtain a place in the next packaging market, efficient customer service and mechanical repairs will be one of the most important conditions of competition.

2, focus on productivity 

      Packaging Machinery Manufacturers increasingly focused on developing rapid, low cost packaging equipment, the future trend is for devices smaller, more flexible, multi-purpose, high efficiency.
     This trend also save time, reduce costs, packaging sector has a combination, to simple, portable packaging equipment. In the packaging machinery automation, automated procedures have been widely used, such as the PLC equipment, data collection systems.

3, supporting better

    Packaging machinery facilities functions and models are more comprehensive, is only concerned about the host of production, regardless of the supporting device integrity, packaging machinery and the function will not work out.
    Therefore developing the supporting equipment to host the greatest expansion of the function is to improve market competitiveness and equipment essential to economic factors. 
Machinery manufacturing enterprises to provide users with automatic production line or production line equipment, complete focus on the integrity of both the high-tech value-added or minor equipment category, are provided by matching requirements. 

4, more automation
    New packaging machinery to meet the trend of industrial automation, new equipment and technology are universal, such as the intelligent CNC system, the encoder and the digital control components, power new intelligent devices such as load control has been widely applied to the packaging machinery and equipment, to make devices in the operation of more independence, flexibility, operation accuracy, efficiency and compatibility.

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