Dongtai Science and Technology + + a linear style vinegar bottle filling machine (soy sauce filling machine)

Time: 2010-05-24

Tung Tai Machine 2010 introduced a linear filling machine bottled vinegar, applied turbine flow sensor (flow sensor A) and the counter control filling.
Mainly applied to soy sauce, vinegar, beverage and non-gas liquid pesticide packaging line automation. Due to the unique structure, it is especially suitable for easy bubble, foam from the liquid filling. With anti-drip system, no bottle no filling, with adapt bottle wide, filling precision. This machine-line structure, using light, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic principle, by the counter control filling volume, with a filling tube wall dive spray devices, eliminating the bubble, especially for soy sauce, vinegar, oil, adapted side barrels, drums fill the attire. Filling capacity from 1L - 25L, filling accurate, fast, non-drip, prices are lower than the same industry.
Technical parameters:
Filling Head: 6,8 head
Capacity (2L total): 1,000 barrels / hour 1,400 barrels / hour
Filling capacity :800-5000Ml stepless
Air source: displacement 1.2 cubic meters per minute
Transmission motor power: 0.3KW

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