Liquid Filling Machine With summer approaching Selling Well

Time: 2010-05-17

      Principle of liquid filling machine can be divided into pressure by filling filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine, liquid filling machine of wide application and beverage industry in China is a high-growth industry, mature, stable growth in beverages, the new hot spots and growth points emerge, the growth of new drinks faster. Production equipment is more and more and more, China has become the world's liquid food packaging machinery industry has a significant impact on the industry and great market share. Therefore, liquid filling machine market potential. Beer, soft drinks, champagne and other beverages containing liquid gas filling, pressure filling machine used, the liquid by pressure into the bottle, and more for high-speed production line. 

     Summer is approaching, the future for a long period of time, the domestic beverage market prospects remain promising. Income levels increase, so that beverage production and consumption continued to grow become possible. As the temperature increases, rapid machine liquid filling machine is also cause for concern.

    With the growth of the transfer, the traditional mainstream carbonated soft drinks will be challenged, and bottled water, tea drinks, juice drinks, functional drinks and so on will be more and more popular. Beverage market changes in beverage packaging market, driving the rapid development of the industry brought in to bring opportunities as well as competition and challenges. Experts predict that the next 3-5 years beverage market in the development of existing fruit juices, teas, bottled water, functional drinks, and carbonated beverage products, low-sugar or sugar-free beverages will be to, as well as natural, milk and other healthy beverages category direction. "Wider range of products, demands a more differentiated packaging" has become the beverage industry trends, product trends will further promote the development of packaging differentiation.

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