China's packaging machinery industry, "prepare" 2010

Time: 2010-04-27

    In response to the international financial crisis of the year, the automatic packaging machine industry operation has some new features.

    First, adjust product mix made great progress: From the industry perspective, fewer low-end products, high-grade, more specialized products; Second, the outcome of significant innovation: development of a number of multi-functional, automatic peeled, print , the cumulative SZDG series semi-automatic liquid quantitative filling machine (electronic weighing); three fixed-asset investment growth: 1 November 2009 Fixed Assets Investment up 35.8%, a number of major technology projects and have completed played a role, especially in heavy machinery production capacity has increased significantly; fourth way to start a business change. Such as the strong increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs, further optimization of supply chain, technical services for the users to further enhance and so on.

    2010, the industry must highlight the strategic focus, clear food packaging machine main direction, and further speed up structural adjustment and change in mode of development, health and sustainable development for the industry and create conditions and environment. 2010 is the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" implemented last year, the key year is a year full of hope. The industry will be the central economic work on the 2010 policy guidance, hard work, innovation, for the machine tool industry to speed up structural adjustment, change and make new contributions to the development mode. The association will promote the industrial upgrading of technological innovation as a strategic measures to improve the industrial level of transformation as an important means to foster the development of manufacturing technology and services as an important direction for new growth, to promote independent innovation, and actively guide the industry focus backbone enterprises in technological progress, the industry plays a leading role in the development.

  Content Source: Investment Advisory Network News

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