Unlimited Potential Matching of Beverage Packing Machinery market unlimited potential matching

Time: 2010-04-19

     At present, our drinking water, carbonated drinks, tea drinks of pre-treatment equipment products can basically meet the domestic needs, the low-speed handling bottles, packing equipment, there are products available that match, in the hot filling machine, the various equipment, plant equipment can be resolved under the control of hot filling, sealing and other process requirements. In PET bottles, metal cans are Tetra Pak, the beverage company's packing line is basically dominated by imported equipment.

     Bottled water now accounts for large share of China's beverage market, bottled water, carbonated beverage packing and PET bottles for packing, as required is relatively low, domestic equipment, great development. Because bottled water PET bottles with lower profits, the current bottle-based devices to high-speed line. Therefore, bottled water and carbonated drinks market, the same would have a better competitive edge.

   The next few years, the Chinese beverage, beer industry will enter a crucial period of consolidation. During this period, the merger and reorganization of enterprises will become more frequent. Either drink or beer, it will further the formation of giant enterprises, and occupy a larger market share. To adapt, packing machinery equipment/ packing machine will function and a single high speed two directions. Quick as a beverage packing machinery industry supporting industry, selecting the right location of their own, innovative, provide for the beverage industry, packaging machinery.

The packing machine has an unlimited potential matching performance.


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