The Wave of Automatic Flowing Liquid Food Packing Machinery

Time: 2010-04-16

     At present, learned from the food packing machinery industry, our drinking water, carbonated drinks, tea drinks of pre-treatment equipment products can basically meet the domestic needs, the low-speed handling bottles, packing equipment, there are products available that match, from the market sales data for, PET plastic bottles are more and more used in liquid food packing, automatic liquid packing machine equipment is also well received by customers the food industry, domestic firms in this field has also made encouraging breakthroughs.

     With the elevated status in the world, our drinks and beer gradually towards the high-speed automated packing machinery production line, while Division wins packing machine packaging machinery company has also made great progress, part of the filling and sealing equipment has reached a more integrated high level, include plastic beverage bottles, aseptic packing and labeling machine molding equipment, including level of the packaging line of lifting De Dao has to meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises,parts can already replace the imported equipment, and export Liang year Tigao.

     With the PET bottle into the mainstream of this packing, the company specifically design a package suitable for PET bottle of this liquid automatic packing machine. The liquid packing machine process parts made of stainless steel heat sealing bag, bag length delivery, packing weight, heating temperature adjustment, simple, reliable, continuous high precision filling, packing, speed, easy maintenance, is a rich choice of an ideal device users .

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