Frequently Asked Questions


The oil filling production contains several parts?

bottle feeder,filling machine,covering machine,capping machine,labeling machine,printing machine,box packing machine

What sauce can be filled in our sauce filling machine?

chili sauce filling machine,beef sauce filling machine,tomato sauce filling machine,chilli sauce fillingmachine,fish sauce filling machine etc.

What is the speed of automatic 4 heads vacuum capping machine?

What is the speed of automatic 4 heads vacuum capping machine?filling machine:1700-2100 bottles/hour capping machine:2300 bottles/hour

What is the filling capacity of the olive oil filling machine?

What is the filling capacity of the olive oil filling machine?Rotary olive oil filling machine filling range:100-1000ml

What is the filling speed of cooking oil filling machine?

6 heads 2000-2200b/h(500ml) ,10 heads 3000-3200b/h(500ml),16 heads4200-4500b/h(500ml)

What can be filled by this mini oil filling machine?

mini oil,oral liquid, perfume, liquid , essential oil, olive oil, health care product etc inpharmaceutical, herbal, pesticide, cosmetic, food and supplement area.

What is the capacity of the engine oil filling machine?

engine oil filling machine filling capacity:1L,1.5L,2L,3L,3.5L,4L(can be customized according )

What kind of edible oil filling machine do we have?

piston type filling machine,flow meter filling machine

What kind of material can fill by lubricating oil filling machine?

lube oil filling machine,motor oil filling machine,engine oil filling machine,shock absorber oilfilling machine,car oil filling machine,brake oil filling machine,mobil oil filling machine,gearoil filling machine,transformer oil filling machine

what kind of material can fill by liquid filling and capping machine?

perfume,essential oil,syrup,eyedrop,nail polish ,liquid ,nasal spray,cosmetic,etc

Which kind of oil we can fill?

cottonseed oil,soybean oil,colza oil,corn oil,tea-seed oil,sesame oil,rice bran oil,olive oil,palm oil,cooking oil,edible oil,sunflower oil.vegetable oil,linseed oil,safflower oil,walnut oil,peanut oil,grape seed oil,etc

Which patent technologies does our company have?

1. Multi-head multi-pump filling patent technology2. Liquid filling patent technology3. Patented technology of vacuum suckback anti-drip filling head4. Anti-drip seal filling head patent technology

What is capacity of bottled sauce filling machine production line?

The production line can complete 3000-5000 bottles/hour filling demand,the filling line include sterilization,filling,capping,labeling and unpacking,packing and sealing in the back section,round bottle,square bottles,hexagonal bottles,shaped bottles can be applied.

What kind of sauce can we fill with our filling machine?

Our sauce production line is widely used in various seasonings,thick sauces,such as seafood sauce,hot sauce,beef sauce,mushroom sauce,bean paste,sand tea sauce,kimchisauce,mayonnaise,salad dressing,strawberry jam,buleberry jam,ketchup,tomatosauce,chocolate sauce,peanut butter,etc.